Tyre Pressure Control (TPC) systems are used to control and monitor tyre pressure and are suitable for all types of vehicles. The TPC consists of two primary sub-systems, TPC MMI - Man Machine Interface and the TPC HUB – Control Unit; It is possible to configure the TPC for many different applications and vehicle types.


  • Military
  • Mining
  • Commercial Transport
  • Agriculture


Terrain Mode:

ROAD, OFF ROAD, SAND and EMERGENCY. Each of these pressures are software adjustable to suit customer’s requirements.

Load Mode:

FULL, HALF, QUARTER, EMPTY. Each of these selections are also software adjustable to compensate for vehicle loading.

Over Speed Mode:

There are two selections:

  1. PASSIVE where an alarm is indicated when a preset vehicle speed is exceeded while operating on a low tyre pressure.
  2. ACTIVE mode will automatically increase tyre pressures as the vehicle speed increases without a driver’s input.
  • Rugged Design: Designed for harsh environments
  • Console Options: Multi-colour LED interface OR 70 x 35 LCD interface
  • Short-Circuit Protection: Each output has short-circuit protection
  • CAN BUS Interface: CAN SAE J1939 HUB and 3rd party devices
  • Inflate/Deflate Options: Control tyre pressures according to terrain and load selections
  • Status Indication: Communication state / error state / system mode state
  • Configurable System Modes: Operating, terrain, load, self-teach, black-out, over-speed, flat-tyre
  • USB Interface Port: Firmware updates, parameter updates, data logs download
  • Automatic inflation of tyres depending on vehicle speed
  • Diagnostic Port: RS-232 PC Diagnostic interface
  • Basic 4x4 Systems, may be directly controlled via the MMI without using a HUB
vehicle mobility
  • Correct pressure for challenging terrains.
  • Correct pressure for various speeds.
  • Correct pressure for various loads.
  • Improved handling.
  • Detection & compensation of leaks.
  • Improved passenger comfort on
    rough terrain.
  • Increase fuel efficiency.
  • Increase tyre life.
  • Optimises all-terrain tyres at a low pressure
  • Decreases drive-line wear.


The Tyre Pressure Controller (TPC) is a system which is designed to regulate tyre pressure manually. The tyre pressure can only be regulated when the vehicle is stationary.

  • Cost-effective
  • User-friendly
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • No rotating valves or couplings
  • No modifications of vehicle axles
  • System components are easily replaceable
  • Maximum mobility over a variety of terrains
  • Decrease in fuel costs
  • Decrease in mechanical drive-line wear
  • Vehicle required to be stationary while inflating of deflating


The system may be used to centrally control the various drive line functions on modern off-road vehicles. Safety interlocking of various sub-systems can easily be achieved. Differential locks, high / low range selection may be inhibited while the vehicle is in motion.

  • Differential locks (front and rear)
  • Transfer case – high or low range selection
  • 4x4 | 6x6 | 8x8 Selection
  • Any other auxiliary pneumatics
  • Interfaced to vehicle control system
  • Modular and compact
  • 4x4 | 6x6 | 8x8 Selection
  • Reliable and Low level of maintenance