Mavtech Technologies cements Middle East presence with Supreme Trading Company partnership

South African automotive system designer Mavtech Technologies is cementing its position in the Middle East through its partnership with the UAE’s Supreme Trading Company (STC). Both companies will have a presence at IDEX next week, when several new products will be launched.

Mavtech Technologies and STC recently entered into a cooperation agreement that is seeing STC as a fully-equipped representative and partner in producing Mavtech products. The relationship between the two companies has established a wide customer base in the Middle East with orders from one customer exceeding 80 central tyre inflation systems (CTIS) and more to follow.

Supreme Trading Company is an established supplier of vehicle drive train components throughout the Middle East. It supplies run flat systems, tyres, and rims, and now through Mavtech Technologies, central tyre inflation systems. Field service technicians have been trained in South Africa to help establish a fully capable design, production, installation and maintenance presence in the Middle East.

STC is a Middle Eastern solution centre with both a new sales capacity as well as a Middle Eastern source for maintenance and spares to keep operational the many legacy vehicles produced in South Africa (STC’s sister company Al Ain Fania specialises in military equipment repair).

“The growing number of South African designed vehicle systems now being built and assembled in this area necessitated a firm presence, and very importantly a fully established and competent maintenance facility,” Mavtech Technologies head Denis Mavrokefalos explained. “This we have established together with STC. A well-experienced team of South African field service technicians now lead an Abu Dhabi-based operation that is active with both maintenance and the retrofitting of obsolete systems in the area.”

Mavtech explained that its systems have over the past few years successfully completed five separate Middle East summer trial evaluations and continue to evolve.

Mavtech has built two decades of CTIS experience and recently launched its own Tyre Pressure Control system. On display at IDEX will be its now well-known Tyre Pressure Control Systems, which can be controlled via a vehicle management control (CAN Bus) system; through manual driver input; or roadside terrain prompting beacons.

Other products that will be on display include driveline controllers – hardwired or CAN bus, and door access hatch locking systems.

Some new products will be launched and these include Mavtech’s “One Shot” remotely triggered tyre deflation solution which allows tyre pressures to be lowered to a prescribed low pressure by means of discreet Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals.

Another new item is Mavtech’s “Remote Tyre Pressure Adjustment Sequencer” that allows the remote signalling and selection of a vehicle’s tyre pressures remotely and without any driver input. This technology may also be used to perform batch software updates on a fleet of vehicles when and if required.

Mavtech continues to develop and evolve its product lineup, and at the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) exhibition in September last year, unveiled several new products. This included Mavtech’s Run Flat Insert Identification & Location System (RFI ID). This dormant RF tag technology is powered on demand by a handheld device and used to confirm the presence of an RFI tag within a fitted tyre, making logistics and maintenance a much simpler affair.

Mavtech will be exhibiting with STC at their stand next to Entrance H of the main hall at IDEX.



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