Mavtech Tyre Pressure Control System (CTIS) for 8X8 Utility Truck

Recently the Mavtech Technologies field service division successfully installed and commissioned their proven and verified Tyre Pressure Control (TPC) system on a Mercedes Benz Actros 4151 8X8 vehicle.

Although this is a commercial vehicle, many of the requirements were identical to those called for by Mavtech’s military customer base.

Features ranging from high speeds on highway and prepared surfaces to extreme mobility at low speeds in sandy and muddy conditions are easily achieved.

The standard option of compensating for wide load variations is also catered for.

This 27-ton vehicle, fitted with a 50 meter “Cherry Picker” and utilized by a South African Power Utility Company, can now be deployed over long distances by highway and then follow power lines over harsh and sandy terrain without compromising the vehicles excellent mobility features.

The “Top Heavy COG” of this vehicle makes it imperative for the TPC system to be extremely accurate and repeatable while monitoring and controlling individual wheels independently for obvious safety reasons.

Military logistics trucks of this type have similar payloads, however, these may differ from fully loaded 12 meter containers to empty or unloaded vehicles within minutes. Mavtech’s TPC control will readjust individual wheel pressures as per the requirement.

An added and unplanned feature of the system is to allow the aforementioned “Cherry Picker” vehicle to now enter standard workspaces for maintenance by simply deflating all tyres and lowering the total height of the vehicle.


Typical Fact Sheet for the Actros 8X8

  • GVM – 36 000 kg
  • Axles prepared for CTIS
  • Tyre Size 14.00 R20
  • Engine mounted air compressor and air brake system
  • Typical deflation time from prepared tarmac to sand is measured at 3 – 4 minutes
  • Typical Inflation time from sand to prepared tarmac with engine set at 1600 rpm is 18 – 20 minutes.


Actros 8X8 Tyre Pressure Table

Terrain Load Pressure Setting
Prepared – Tarmac Full 650 Kpa
  Medium 640 Kpa
  Minimum 620 Kpa
  Empty 600 Kpa
Off Road – Trail Full 550 Kpa
  Medium 500 Kpa
  Minimum 450 Kpa
  Empty 400 Kpa
Sand – Mud Full 350 Kpa
  Medium 300 Kpa
  Minimum 250 Kpa
  Empty 200 Kpa
Emergency – Recovery Full 150 Kpa
  Medium 150 Kpa
  Minimum 150 Kpa
  Empty 150 Kpa

Advantages of Tyre Pressure Control (CTIS)

  • Increased tyre life
  • Improved mobility over any terrain
  • Optimized driveline performances
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Improved crew comfort
  • Controlled vehicle stability and safety
  • Minimization of road surface damage

The system offered is currently in use with many international customers and easily adapted for use by any military-orientated OEM with 4X4, 6X6 and 8X8 options available for use in low-temperature artic as well as high-temperature desert conditions.


Partner Content written by defenceWeb -3rd Jun 2021



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